Marketing Automation

This whitepaper is all about Marketing Automation. It is a marketing trend that many organizations can no longer go without, but what exactly is it and why should your organization also start with Marketing Automation?

First, the whitepaper explains what Marketing Automation is and what it can mean for your organization. After that, you get to know how to implement Marketing Automation. Next, it is clearly explained what Marketing Automation can mean for your organization based on successful customer cases.

You get answers to the following questions: 
  • What is Marketing Automation?

  • And what is it not?

  • What can it mean for my company?

  • In four steps to a well-considered purchase

  • Marketing automation quick scan

  • Including 3 practical examples

  • Successful customer journeys from FinancialLease.nl and Wijnvoordeel.nl

Have fun reading!

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