Webinar: Mastering Hyper-Personalization

Join our upcoming webinar about mastering hyper-personalization! Learn about this trending craft in e-commerce, which will help you achieve unparalleled relevance for visitors.
Get all the strategies and insights for how to thrive with personalization on- and off-site. Dotdigital, Youwe, and Tweakwise will explain how you can master hyper-personalization on-site in your shop, but also off-site as a key feature of your digital marketing strategy.


Hyperpersonalisation can be overwhelming! Our advice to brands is to start small but to scale quickly. And luckily you don’t have to do the heavy lifting yourself, tech is here to help. Our seasoned industry experts from Youwe, Dotdigital and Tweakwise will show how to master hyper-personalization and let it help you increase conversions, increase retention and loyalty and improve the relevance of your communication! Here is what you will learn today:

  • Embedding personalization into your on-site and off-site strategy to increase conversions, customer lifetime value and ROI
  • Boost customer experience through guiding their discoveries on your website and creating meaningful journeys
  • Tracking, visualizing and understanding your customer’s journeys, getting intel on what data to gather, how to use it in messages, across what channels, and at what time in order to be relevant to the individual customer.
  • Rocking some personality within your customer communications! Too often brands seem to forget that customers are human beings who like to connect on a personal level. In this webinar we’ll show  a couple of great examples



Niels Kolijn (Dotdigital): 
Personalization and automation: the dream team
Engaged customers should be every marketer's goal. Automations can support this goal by delivering the perfect content at the perfect time. In this session we’re sharing ways you can further utilize personalization to optimize your automation campaign content for unrivalled relevancy and engagement across different channels.

Gary Greenall (Youwe): Mind-Reading for Marketeers: How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer?
The right strategy, the right design, the right delivery and the right return. Sounds a lot? Gary will show you hands-on how you get there.

Ronald Meeuwissen (Tweakwise): How to increase engagement and conversions through (hyper)personalized e-commerce 
Tweakwise is all about adding relevance, onsite! We will go in-depth regarding our Hyper-Personalization options. Our personal profile connected to our Personalized Search, Categories and Recommendations. Adding even more relevance with our personalization layer of Tweakwise, boosting conversions!



Gary Greenall

Digital Strategist at Youwe

Gary has over 10 years of experience working in digital marketing and delivering digital strategies. At Youwe, Gary is responsible for the delivery of global and domestic digital marketing strategies for a wide variety of clients. Gary is passionate about helping clients understand and identify the goals that will make the most impact on their business, along with delivering strategies that will help them to best achieve their goals.

Niels Kolijn

Partnerships Manager EMEA Dotdigital

As a driven MarTech enthusiast, Niels effortlessly navigates between the worlds of marketing and technology, thanks to his background in both industries. While these two worlds often appear separate, Niels is convinced that data is the connecting factor. How do you convert that data into valuable customer experiences? Niels has a few ideas about that

Ronald Meeuwissen

Tweakwise Business Development Lead Optimizers

Ronald is one of Tweakwise’s business development managers. He oversees partnerships with e-commerce platforms and keeps an eye on market trends. His many years of experience in e-commerce make him a valuable expert in this field.


10:00 AM10:45 AM

Webinar with industry experts sharing best practices and hands-on advice

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