Watch and learn: A digital strategy case study

When creating a digital strategy, it is good to look at examples of digital strategy case studies. You don’t have to create the whole strategy yourself; you exactly only need to fill in the blanks. There are a lot of frameworks and roadmaps available for you to create your digital strategy. You can look at real-life examples of an actionable and visual digital strategy plan. And this is exactly what you will find in this blog.

Creating your own digital strategy

Creating a digital strategy will take some time, focus and energy. This is because the strategy focusses on the detailed plan for people, process and technology to achieve the objectives, including the development of a long-term roadmap. You really need to think about the future of your organization. Where do you want to go? Who do you need to hire to accomplish this? Which technological solutions do you need for this? Do your current processes fit the new strategy? In how many years will you reach your goals? What’s your budget? Every company needs to answer the same questions. And many did this successfully already. Read further to see real-life success stories from our clients who created digital roadmaps which are part of the digital strategy. 

Case study 1: Endress+Hauser

Endress+Hauser is a global leader in measurement instrumentation, services, and solutions for industrial process engineering. They provide solutions to optimize processes for flow, level, pressure, analysis, temperature, recording and digital communications. In 2018, the company achieved net sales of 2.4 billion euros and employed almost 14,000 people. The company holds nearly 7,800 patents and patent applications. Their work spans industries including oil and gas, power and energy, life sciences and food and beverage. But they had some problems which needed to be solved with a digital roadmap. 


  • Losing market share from digital-first competitors
  • No alignment between marketing and sales
  • No marketing technology
  • Data fragmented and in silos
  • Old governance model blocking progress
  • Traditional marketing with no online campaigns or activity
  • Ad-hoc activity with no overarching plan


The results 12 months later after creating a successful digital strategy are: 

  • 30% uplift in sales of products
  • Sales adopted CRM with new confidence in marketing leads
  • Fully integrated stack with MAP and CRM at the core
  • Single customer view with central data-point
  • A new global data governance model
  • Multi-channel customer engagement across email, social, web
  • 12-month strategic roadmap with aligned campaign delivery
  • Global adoption and rollout of the UK initiative

Case study 2: Capita 

Capita people solutions are industry leaders in specialist consultancy, cutting-edge technology, and practical solutions providers. They are transforming HR functions for more than 6,500 businesses and benefitting one in four of the UK workforces. Their award-winning products, services, and HR solutions support businesses across every aspect of the employee lifecycle. Creating better outcomes for your people, so they create better outcomes for your business. Below you will see the problems they first had and the results after 6 months of creating a digital strategy


  • Fragmented business units
  • Only one BU using basic marketing automation
  • Marketing leads not getting through to sales
  • Poor online customer experience
  • No social capability
  • No visibility on marketing attribution
  • A new team with limited skills


  • Centre of Excellence across all BUs
  • Complete automation across the funnel
  • Sales provided with high-quality leads with insights in CRM
  • Netflix style content hub with personalization
  • Enabled Sales to promote content through social advocacy
  • Data visualization on marketing performance
  • Up-skilled marketing team to be self-sufficient

Want to learn more about the case studies or about how you yourself can create a successful digital strategy? Download the following whitepaper: How to create a digital strategy and prove success along the way.  

Want to create a successful digital strategy yourself?

Do you find yourself in the case studies mentioned above? The only solution then is to create a digital strategy. How you do this? Find this out in the whitepaper: How to create a digital strategy and prove success along the way. Download the free whitepaper here. 

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