Unlock the Power of Personalization: Mastering Customer Insights with Marketing Automation

Transform consumer insights into lifelong revenue through marketing automation and data-centric strategies.  
Join industry experts from Youwe and our partners at Dotdigital as we explore the evolving landscape of marketing automation, harness customer insights, and drive ROI.


Our buying behaviour is changing; the way we make purchases isn’t the same as previous years. Our consumer expectations have evolved - we now expect businesses to understand us and tailor their offerings accordingly. 

This change also presents challenges. Companies now possess more customer data than ever before. How can this data be utilised to enhance customer service without compromising privacy? 

Fortunately, marketing automation is also evolving. Modern marketing and commercial teams can drive genuine ROI with the right tools and data-driven personalisation to ensure a seamless experience for our consumers.  

The latest technology allows businesses to analyse customer behaviour, preferences and sales history to create a captivating and personalised experience, resulting in strong customer relationships and repeat revenue. 

Join us for our engaging roundtable with industry peers and specialists from Youwe and Dotdigital. You’ll learn:  

  • How to gain a genuine understanding of your customer’s motivations and behaviour.  
  • How to leverage customer insights to drive lifetime value from your marketing efforts.  
  • How to better connect your commercial and marketing teams through consumer data.  
  • How to convert one-time buyers into loyal, repeat customers.  
  • How to use AI to deliver truly insightful and engaging content to your database. 
  • You'll also see firsthand how a focus on leveraging marketing data has helped other brands, with actionable insights from a range of industries globally. 

Don’t miss out on this essential online event. Register your interest now and put customer data at the heart of your marketing strategy for 2024! 

This event will take place online on the 5th of December 2023 from 2 PM till 4 PM CET (1 PM till 3 PM GMT). 


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Kamilla Heap

Marketing Technology Consultant Youwe

Kamilla Heap is a marketing operations consultant with a decade's worth of experience in the field. She specialises in delivering simple solutions to complex projects, and is always looking to optimise processes, people and technology. 

Barry Faulkner

Data Expert Dotdigital

Barry is an accomplished Account Executive at Dotdigital with over a decades experience in the enhancing customer service and driving revenue growth. He’s an expert in data-powered customer experiences, cross-channel marketing and web personalisation. 


02:00 PM02:20 PM

Welcome & Introduction

02:20 PM02:40 PM

Mind-Reading for Marketeers: How Well Do You Really Know Your Customer?

02:40 PM03:00 PM

Discussion session

03:00 PM03:20 PM

Buyer to Believer: Practical Solutions for Converting Customer Insights into Lifetime Revenue

03:20 PM03:40 PM

Discussion session

03:40 PM04:00 PM

Q&A and Closing Remarks

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