The most important online marketing trends for your organization in 2022

A question that we receive a lot: "What do you think the online marketing trends will be next year?" The marketing landscape is changing fast. Therefore it is important to stay ahead of competitors by responding to trends and developments. Below you will find the most important trends and developments in online marketing for 2022. Discover the most important online marketing trends for your organization in 2022, so you are one step ahead of your competitors. Stay ahead. Go beyond.

Chatbots take over 

You see them more and more. A chat window that opens at the bottom of a website asking if you need help with anything. These bots ensure that the visitor of your website is able to have a conversation 24/7 and does not have to wait until someone from the helpdesk answers his/her email. 

Chatbots are an effective way to automatically answer questions from visitors. It can also be used to collect valuable information such as an email address or telephone number, for use in marketing or sales campaigns. If the chatbots are well trained, they can be very valuable to your website visitors and you will benefit greatly from this. For example, a chatbot that recommends products. Up to 80% percent of the people who receive a recommendation clicked on to the relevant product. That is a huge number. The chatbots have a lot of potentials and will really a breakthrough in 2022.

Mobile-first indexing

You have probably heard of mobile-first, a term that has been circulating in marketing land for some time. Mobile-first means that content consumption has moved from PC to the mobile phone. Mobile-first indexing is a consequence of the mobile-first trend. Mobile-first indexing means that the Google robots that visit your website first look at how the website is displayed on a mobile device. If your website is responsive and scales well, but has no fast loading time on mobile devices, then Google will give you a poor index score. In an era where everyone has a telephone with an internet connection, Google has made the choice to go completely mobile-first. Fortunately, Google offers help with a few tools to check your website on Google’s requirements.

E-mail marketing and marketing automation 

There are rarely new innovations in the field of e-mail marketing. Yet you will see more and more email marketing in 2022.  Marketing Automation is going to make a huge growth. The following situation may sound familiar: you place items in your shopping basket, but you decide not to buy it. A day later you receive an e-mail with a discount code because you still have items in your shopping cart. This is a good example of Marketing Automation. By linking promotions and content, you can create a journey for a customer to bring them closer to purchase products. The scalability of this type of actions is a big advantage. It does not matter if only 1 or even 100 customers go through the same process. Do you want to know more about Marketing Automation? Then download the free whitepaper.

Personalized content

You may recognize it, after a long journey you arrive at your hotel. You open the door of the room and discover a letter with your name and a personal message. The personal touch gives the entire experience that little bit extra. We also see more personalized content in online marketing. Websites that you visit regularly will personally welcome you and make recommendations tailored for you. This personal approach leads to up to 20% more sales. Not only marketers prefer a personal approach. Research shows that consumers want to provide 60% more information in exchange for personalized content.

Honesty and openness 

Last year (2019) the new European privacy law (GDPR), made its entry and suddenly everywhere on the internet you were asked for your permission. In 2022, marketers will have to be even more honest and open. Previously you organized your marketing to reach as many people as possible. You now have to ensure that the right people who match your product or service come to you. You will have to be honest about what you have to offer and give openness about your actions as a company. Only then will you gain consumer confidence. Do you not stick to the regulations? Then you will be punished mercilessly.

It's up to you now 

You constantly have to respond to the movements in the industry. The trends above will have such a big impact that you cannot ignore them. The future of marketing looks very bright and we are happy to be a part of it. To help you we have made a free whitepaper about Marketing Automation.

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In the whitepaper you learn more about:  

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