Marketing automation versus Email automation

What is the difference between these two tools? More than 82% of organizations use E-mail Automation as a marketing tool. And that number continues to rise: e-mail still occupies an important position in budgeting. Compared to email automation, Marketing Automation is a real "big brother" and offers more functionalities. Marketing Automation is still in its infancy when it comes to users. Many organizations would benefit from the software, but how do you decide between Marketing Automation and E-mail Automation?

Marketing Automation versus E-mail Automation: The battle

Email plays an important role in Marketing Automation. E-mail ensures that you bind and fascinate your customers and leads with attractive content. This is reflected in increased engagement among your target group and a strong reduction in the number of cancellations. Thanks to advanced segmentation in your Marketing Automation package, you are always relevant for everyone. This is not obvious with E-mail Automation. Although cheap, the disadvantage is that you often have one design for your templates and the segmentation options are limited.

Marketing Automation is praised for the varied possibilities. A kind of Big Brother that is in control of your website. Visitor behavior is carefully monitored and sets the basis for strong personas. Leads are automatically segmented based on smartly set rules. Another important difference is the campaign management. With e-mail marketing this was limited to the website and e-mail. Marketing Automation guarantees the management of a multichannel campaign.

The conditions for success

Marketing Automation is versatile, but just like e-mail automation requires an effective strategy. Success does not fall from the sky. A critical inventory is important:

  • What are your wishes? Which functions are must-haves and which are nice-to-have?
  • What is your objective with the software? Which KPI's play a role?
  • Which systems do you now have at your disposal, what are the advantages and disadvantages?
  • How much change will the implementation bring? How ready-to-start is the organization?
  • What are your expectations?

A strict plan ensures a targeted implementation of Marketing Automation in your organization so that you increase your chances of success.

Budgetary impact

Each year, you have a reasonable marketing budget at your disposal and this also results in excellent results. Your marketing activities are aimed at realizing relevant contact moments with customers and leads. But which activity has now been decisive for a purchase? To what extent can your result be related to your efforts, so that you can make sharper choices every period? With Marketing Automation, you measure the result that you have achieved with every invested euro.

Marketing Automation is also available in various versions. The question is whether an organization with little driving experience wants to step directly into a Ferrari. The budgetary impact of Marketing Automation varies, there are packages available on the market that do not differ much from E-mail Automation and there are packages that are more suitable for large (international) corporates.

The simplicity of e-mail automation or multiplicity of marketing automation?

Marketing Automation can be adjusted to your liking and that starts with the purchase. The packages vary and it is important to first orientate. Here, E-mail Automation should not be forgotten. Although Marketing Automation has exceeded the potential of E-mail Automation, it still does a good job. It is important to remember that Marketing Automation is primarily intended to benefit marketing and sales tasks and the question is now whether you will use that as a part of a larger whole or the simplicity of E-mail Automation prevails. The most important thing is a good strategy. From there you build an efficient approach.

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