Marketing Automation

We increase marketing performance by aligning and personalizing sales and marketing activities using Marketing Automation technology.

Capturing all activities and data points in your organization and turn them into effective customer and sales activities. Activation of prospects and clients based on a deep understanding of their behaviour, interest, and needs. We track all marketing and sales initiatives and attribute them to the drives initiatives. By doing this we truly understand the effectiveness and we can focus on activities that will truly contribute to helping you understand your customers.

Due to our in-depth understanding of technology and commerce, we can tightly integrate your existing or future application landscape to greater opportunities, warm up cold leads and activate your sales force in their trusted CRM environment. (like Salesforce, or Microsoft Dynamics 365)

We re-enforce your marketing and sales teams by implementing best of breed Marketing Automation technology and assure teams are trained and supported to accomplish the defined goals and objectives.

Customer Journey

With the help of Marketing Automation, you can generate more leads out of your online platforms. We empower your organization with Marketing Automation technology to improve your view of your marketing/sales funnel. By visualizing the whole customer journey and truly understand the behaviour of your customers we activate your marketing and sales teams to optimize their activities to become more impactful. Assuring sales to be activated on leads already warmed up and ease the sales process and reduce the lead times. On the other hand, ensure the marketing messaging fits the demand of your audience in each step of the buyer's journey.

With Marketing Automation it is also possible to be tracking your marketing performance end-to-end. You will instantly know whether someone is a follower, prospect, lead or customer.

You can score your leads' performance to better position them for sales or see how influential your social media prospects are. Marketing Automation will make it possible for you to make use of segmentation and personalization. With this, you can view a record of your entire communications stream to a lead in one place and with this overview, you can easily understand what works and what does not work.

Content Marketing

Marketing Automation also makes it possible to optimize your content marketing. Attract your potential customers or upsell your services due to a well-organized content marketing strategy. Creation of content with the help of Marketing Automation will attract the right audiences to your platform and nurture them into ready to buy potentials.
We help you define your content in each step of the sales funnel and can support you with content creation in the right tone-of-voice. Our conversion specialist will help in placing the call-to-action.

Youwe can help you with every aspect of Marketing Automation which will lead to more leads and customers.

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