A framework for success with Marketo Marketing Automation



From strategy to implementation


A framework for success with Marketo Marketing Automation

GTT is a multinational telecommunications and internet services provider. Their portfolio includes SD-WAN and other WAN services, internet, security, and voice services and they deliver these to thousands of businesses across the globe.

One of the core challenges GTT faced was their sales and marketing functions were working in silos. The sales team was used to a traditional, outbound way of working to generate new business, whilst the marketing department looked after areas such as the brand image and reputation. Although there was some inbound activity, there was a real need to scale this up and create more of a demand generation ‘machine’ within the business.   

In order to scale up this function, GTT needed to ensure they had the right mix of people, processes, and technology in place. From a people perspective, they needed to have people internally with the right skillsets. On the process front, there needed to be more alignment between sales and marketing and a more advanced approach to lead nurturing to ensure that inbound leads were being passed to sales at the right time. Finally, from a technology perspective, they had to ensure they had the right Marketing Automation platform in place to support this journey.   

GTT was already using Marketo as their Marketing Automation platform of choice and approached Youwe to facilitate further internal roll-out and adoption of the platform.   

GTT created the right mix of people, processes, and technology with the help of Marketo and Youwe

Our solution

Marketo roll-out 

First and foremost, Youwe supported GTT in the roll-out of Marketo by delivering bespoke training sessions for internal teams. This was backed up by on-demand support for the marketing team to address day-to-day challenges in using and working with the platform.

Youwe conducted an audit of the GTT Marketo installation and looked at areas that could be optimised. An example was ensuring that website forms were integrated with Marketo. This meant that there was a flow of data from the website through to Marketo and any leads captured could then move into campaigns.

We also built lead source tracking to provide more granular details of the customer journey, as well as a series of new email templates. We then trained the marketing teams on how to work with these for optimal success.

The effectiveness of Marketing Automation 

Youwe planned, built, and launched some Marketo campaigns to run within the EMEA region. These campaigns acted as proof of concepts to demonstrate the effectiveness of Marketing Automation and optimize internal processes before a more extensive roll-out.   

In parallel to addressing some of the tactical, day-to-day support requests, Youwe led workshops to develop a strategy for the medium to longer term. This involved getting an understanding of GTT’s digital objectives and then starting to devise a longer-term strategy with tactics and actions defined on how to get there. Youwe went on to deliver some of these projects and continues to work with GTT today.   

The results

With the support of Youwe, GTT has been able to really scale up its inbound marketing and demand generation. Youwe have developed new, engaging content to attract interest at the top of the funnel and capture new leads. These leads are then passed into Marketo campaigns which have been designed and built out by Youwe, nurturing leads to a point where they are then ready to engage with the sales team. These campaigns have been developed and tailored for a number of different audience segments and localized for different regions. These campaigns have improved the marketing and sales alignment.  

GTT has an improved approach to segmentation and targeting thanks to support from Youwe in cleansing their marketing data. Youwe developed data cleanse programs that operate in the background and also developed a preference center, allowing customers to change their communication preferences and receive more of what they were interested in. This has also ensured compliance from a GDPR perspective. The preference center was taken and adapted at a local level, for example in Germany where the rules around data protection require a slightly different approach.  

Email Marketing

The digital customer experience has been improved by a series of updates to GTT’s core email templates. These templates have not only improved from a functional perspective, but also ensure that the brand image is more consistent, as regional teams are using the same templates with minor local adaptations.

With the training provided by Youwe, GTT has been able to bolster its internal team capabilities, which has allowed its people to deliver more of the day-to-day campaign activity and use the Youwe team where more specialist input is required.   

Marketing Automation: a framework for success

GTT has been able to increase operational efficiency as Youwe has helped to automate more activity. An example is customer renewal and upgrade programs, which now include a greater level of automation, allowing the sales team to focus on other areas.   

These improvements on the people and process front, underpinned by technology, ensure that GTT has built a framework for Marketing Automation success.   



From strategy to implementation


A framework for success with Marketo Marketing Automation

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