Email Marketing

Email marketing isn’t dead. But the landscape is changing, and it is a continuous battle to reach people’s inboxes with relevant content. 

At Youwe, we’re experts at email marketing. From designing new email templates to building complex nurture campaigns – we’ve got you covered, whatever your flavor of marketing automation.  
Our expertise enables you to progress your users through their journeys and keep them interested in your offerings along the way, helping you convert more successfully and manage your email marketing strategies easier, to reach overall company goals. 
Here are some of the ways we can help with your Email Marketing: 

  • Design and develop a best practice email template based on advice from our experts, giving you a functional template designed to speed up the build process and increase deliverability and engagement 
  • Provide consultation on the platforms you use to send your email campaigns, recommend the best fit for your organization and ensure you get ROI from your provider 
  • Audit your current email marketing strategies to provide advice and improvements and suggest new tactics to increase performance and deliver on KPIs 
  • Build and run lead generation campaigns from strategy planning through to reporting 
  • Create email nurture campaigns to keep users engaged after conversion 
  • Build a preference center to ensure visitors and users receive relevant content whilst staying compliant 
  • Provide consultation on email deliverability and engagement to ensure your content reaches the inbox 


Do you want to find out more about how we can assist with your email marketing?

Our email marketing experts will be happy to help.


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