The Architecture of Customer Engagement: Step by Step Towards Maturity

What distinguishes successful customer-focused companies with a seamless customer experience from companies that seem to engage in the same activities, marketing, and sales, but do not achieve the same result? That was the question Youwe's expert group started with, the results? See it in the blue paper and plot your company in the maturity model. 

With our expert group ‘The Architecture of Customer Engagement’ we investigated the challenges that arise in creating the perfect customer engagement model. This led to a framework, which provides a clear insight into the current status of the Customer Engagement Architecture. In addition, the framework provides tools when taking logical next steps to take the current architecture to the next level.

The result is not only a Customer Engagement Maturity Model (CEMM) but also an assessment that will help companies plot themselves in the model and a practical application of the model within the companies of the experts themselves. Want to plot your own company in the model? Fill in the form and download the blue paper. 

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