Why Drupal is much more than just a Content Management System

When looking for a new Content Management System (CMS), Drupal must have popped up as a search result. Drupal is one of the most popular and powerful Content Management Systems. Even besides the CMS capabilities, Drupal is the solution for many of your business challenges. In this guide, you will learn why Drupal is so much more than just a standard CMS and we will show you 6 reasons why it is the platform for you.

In the guide, we will inform you more about the following 6 reasons: 

  1. Drupal is very extendable and flexible
  2. Drupal can be used as a data warehouse
  3. Drupal is API first
  4. Drupal can be used to build a professional online shop
  5. Drupal is great at migrating content from other platforms
  6. Drupal allows for an easy headless CMS setup


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