On-demand webinar: Empowering your business with composable e-commerce via a headless platform

Together with Acquia, we dove into one of the biggest buzzwords in the digital world at the moment: headless. In this webinar, we explained why headless platforms are so much more than just a trend, the importance of headless platforms and we showed how a headless platform leads the way to composable e-commerce. You are able to download the webinar here.

Headless platforms are a great solution especially if you want to create a better user experience and make combine the best parts of a content management platform with let's say an e-commerce platform. Acquia will explain what a headless platform is and how it works and we will show you an excellent customer case example of how you can create shoppable experiences with a headless platform. Download the on-demand webinar by filling in the form. Do you want to know more about headless platforms and the business benefits of a headless platform, then have a look at this whitepaper

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