Watch the webinar: Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in a post-COVID19 world

On the 19th of May 2020, the webinar Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in a post-COVID19 world was hosted, missed it? Don't worry you can download the replay here. 

We are living in a period that is unseen before, which affects us both personally and businesswise. We are probably going to enter a period where people may lose their jobs and work will change. Which means we can literally “restart” the economy for several sectors. The economic outlook may seem depressing at first glance, but the major advantage is that it will be the main instigator for us to move to a better and more modern world and economy. In many places, smart algorithms or Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data have not yet been applied and in the coming period, it will give many companies a huge opportunity to restart their company. In this webinar, you will learn more about what AI and Big Data can do for your company. 

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