Pimcore X: the future-proof PIM

Today, May 11th 2021, Pimcore launches its new and improved platform: Pimcore X. With digital being the new normal the importance of product data has gotten more and more important. To offer a better online experience, your product information must be stored correctly. Now, Pimcore X will not only make sure you use your product data in the right way, but it will also improve the performance of the platform and offer enterprise features.

Pimcore X 

Forget the Pimcore as you know it, today the company releases its newest version Pimcore X. Pimcore X has received new features, better performance, and includes new interfaces to marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay for automated workflows. Also, for the first time, Pimcore X offers an optional Enterprise Subscription in addition to the free Open Source Community Edition. The most important new features of Pimcore X are:

  • Pimcore X takes a low-code approach to PIM and MDM. The new Pimcore Data Importer accelerates data exchange and adds comprehensive import functions to the Pimcore Datahub.
  • To ensure that external or subsidiary companies also have access to relevant data, the new Pimcore Experience Portals allow content to be shared with and worked on by partners outside the company's organization.
  • Pimcore natively integrates with Productsup to enable brands and retailers to publish product data on over 2,500 digital sales channels, including Amazon and eBay. A new DAM integration with CI HUB allows organizations to seamlessly access images, video, and content within Adobe's Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office. A new standard interface to Translations.com provides automated translation workflows for managing multilingual content.
  • A new perspective Editor. It enables custom views and perspectives for individual user groups in a variable user interface.
  • By massively simplifying the configuration of object storages such as Amazon S3 and Content Delivery Networks (CDN), Pimcore X is much easier to install in cloud environments.

Enterprise version

The update also offers an optional, paid Enterprise Subscription, which contains additional functions such as easier syndication of product data or automatic translation of content. The Pimcore Enterprise Subscription also offers companies additional legal security and access to consulting services such as Service Level Agreement (SLA) support, customer access consulting and Long-Term Support (LTS) packages.

How to get there?

To ensure a smooth transition to the new Pimcore X version, the existing version must first be updated to Pimcore 6.9. A subsequent upgrade to Pimcore X can then be performed. 

Benefits for the user

  • Pimcore X performs much better and simplifies the handling of data and experiences.
  • Users do not have to deal with coding and can fully focus on creating value.
  • The Data Importer speeds up the import of data.
  • Pimcore Experience Portals facilitate collaboration with partners outside your organization.
  • Enterprise Subscription provides interfaces for over 2,500 marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay, as well as Adobe Creative Cloud and Microsoft Office.
  • The new Perspectives Editor simplifies the comprehensibility and customization of jointly managed data.


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