Pimcore 6 is here

Pimcore has announced its newest version Pimcore 6. The added features in this newest version make Pimcore the most powerful open-source Product Information Management system. Pimcore 6 is a seamlessly integrated digital experience platform (DXP). What are the Pimcore 6 capabilities? Read it below.

The new Pimcore experience has an upgraded technology stack that is now based on the Symfony 4 framework. Because of this, it will run faster and smoother than any version before. Pimcore 6 will connect MDM/PIM, DAM, WCM, and digital commerce all in one platform. In addition to the completely new user interface, there is also a massive amount of new features added to the product. The most important new features are:

The latest open-source technology

This feature is mainly for developers and they will appreciate the new cleaned up source code. Because of the support of the Symfony 4 Framework Pimcore 6 enables you to use many new features of Symfony 4 in Pimcore projects. Symfony 4 is an improved and lighter version of Symfony 3 without obsolete and unnecessary features/plugins. It is a micro-framework, so it allows developers to enable only what they need. It is also currently the fastest PHP framework.

Data Hub

The new Pimcore Data Hub is integrated into Pimcore 6. The tool provides a central graphical user interface (GUI) to transform and prepare data for input and output channels. Because of this Pimcore, 6 provides easy connectivity with Content-as-a-Service (CAAS) frontends such as React, Vue, and PWAs.


Pimcore 6 provides you with the full platform package, including the most user-friendly setup of personalization in any experience platform in the market. Pimcore 6 has a native combination of enterprise-grade web content management with microservices-based digital commerce framework. Also, you can track user behavior on the server-side instead of the browser side thanks to the Pimcore customer data platform (CDP). This allows you to use segmented customer data for live personalization of web and commerce content.

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