PIM Unleashed: Driving Omnichannel Efficiency for E-Commerce Success

Discover the transformative potential of PIM and how it can drive sustainability and efficiency in your business.
Join us for an event that unveils the secrets to omnichannel e-commerce success through effective data management!


A lot of quality information is needed to support a single product. Your customers rely on the information they read, see, and hear about a product online — details of the product’s specifications, its benefits, how-to videos, images, and much more.


Product information and customer experience are closely intertwined. If brands fail to deliver accurate, robust, and connection-worthy product information across each and every channel the customer experience is impacted. PIM software gives brands the behind-the-scenes efficiency and support they need to deliver winning, omnichannel customer experiences.


Efficiency is at the core of successful businesses, and at our latest executive roundtable our expert panel will showcase how you can streamline your internal processes. By leveraging PIM software, you can ensure consistent, accurate, and high-quality product information is delivered to your customers, creating a great omnichannel experience that will ultimately drive lifetime value from your customers.


Join us for an engaging roundtable discussion where we'll delve into essential topics to drive your business forward:

  • Omnichannel e-commerce: Unveiling the Path to Success
  • Creating a Seamless User Experience Across Platforms with the Right Data
  • Expanding & Growing Your ROI with Product Information Management: Enhancing Efficiency & Profitability


Don't miss this chance to unlock the true potential of efficiency and excellence in your e-commerce strategies. Secure your spot now and join us for this transformative event!


The roundtable will take place online on the 21st of September 2023 from 2 PM till 4 PM CET (1 PM till 3 PM GMT).


Henk Mensinga

Director of Product Implementation Youwe

Henk is Director of Product Implementation at Youwe, and with his years of experience, he assists clients with their digital transformation. He has helped numerous companies make the transition from offline to online and knows exactly which tools can help a company grow.

Jeffrey Groefsema

Implementation consultant at Youwe

Jeffrey has been an implementation consultant at Youwe for over four years already. He is an expert in helping customers set up their e-commerce platform and making sure their IT landscape is correctly in place. Besides that, he has great knowledge of data management. 

Paul Suurd

Implementation consultant at Youwe

Paul is an implementation consultant at Youwe. He specializes in PIM solutions and has been working with PIM systems for over a decade. Paul has experience as both a technical and implementation consultant in various environments from automotive to healthcare.


02:00 PM02:15 PM

Welcome & Introduction

02:15 PM02:45 PM

Omnichannel e-commerce: What you need to succeed  

02:45 PM03:15 PM

Create a seamless user experience across platforms with the right data 

03:15 PM03:45 PM

How to increase your ROI with Product Information Management: Expand & Grow! 

03:45 PM04:00 PM

Final roundtable discussion & questions

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