On-demand webinar: Grow your digital business with a PIM platform

Everything in today’s enterprises revolves around data. Product data can be a functional product description, technical specifications, marketing content, feature lists, videos, user reviews, price information, PDFs, manuals, drawings, or catalogs. All this data needs to be updated, managed, and distributed. It comes from different sources and is accessed and improved by various people or departments. Today, data management is one of the biggest challenges across organizations. That's why we hosted a webinar together with Pimcore on the 27th of October, here you can download the on-demand version and learn more about why a PIM is extremely important in digitalizing your business. 

In this webinar, we will talk about the following topics together with Pimcore:

  • The top 5 biggest challenges why you need a PIM, such as omnichannel, cross-border, and time-to-market;
  • Enable your experience with a central data hub;
  • How a PIM will digitalize your business;
  • Digitalization 101 – Data first, experience last;
  • Successful customer cases, how the digital transformation started with PIM.
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