6 Reasons to integrate Microsoft Dynamics with Magento Commerce

When you are a Magento Commerce webshop owner you have a lot of data to manage. Price data, product data, customer data and storage data. You all have to manage it and use it to your advantage. Data is extremely valuable.

The only problem at most companies is that they have data in different systems and manage the data manually. This is not the way of working in this digital age. By not storing your data in one place and managing it manually the risk of making mistakes is really high. To fix this you can connect your ERP with your Commerce platform. Youwe developed the Magento ERP Connector. With the Magento ERP Connector, you can connect your Magento Commerce webshop with not only Microsoft Dynamics but the following ERP systems: SAP ECC6.X/ SAP S4/ HANA/ Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012/ Microsoft Dynamics 365. 

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics with Magento Commerce can transform your business, whether you’re a wholesaler or retailer. Operational benefits like reduced costs and losses due to manual data entry errors, improved product information, and inventory management, etc. are common. Also, when you integrate your ERP with your Magento Commerce platform you can also let your business grow immensely. Successful integration can help you by growing your business. Besides that, there are many other reasons why you should connect your ERP with your Magento Commerce webshop. Those reasons are:

1. A higher productivity

When you integrate Microsoft Dynamics and Magento you will be automating data-driven workflows across platforms. This means that your employees do more in less time. This is because they can focus on important things like customer priorities rather than moving data around. So, productivity is higher than before. 

2. No manually work

The connector will eliminate manual data entering and with that costly human errors. Manual data entry takes employees away from other, more strategic activities. There is also a really high risk of errors. Roughly one percent of all manual entries contain an error. Some analysts suggest the US economy loses as much as $27 billion per year to data entry errors, Magento says. With the connector, you eliminate the need for data entry and the resulting errors. 

3. Online and in-store shopping

By allowing your e-commerce platform to access inventory data and fulfillment logic in Microsoft Dynamics, you can give customers flexible options for pickup and delivery. So, you can let customers buy their products online and pick them up in your store or at your warehouse. By doing so you are creating a key part of the omnichannel experience. 

4. Faster, faster, faster

The connection between your ERP and webshop will make your time to market faster. When the most up-to-date product information from Microsoft Dynamics automatically appears in your Magento webshop, you can launch new products faster and have confidence that you will always meet the current demands. 

5. Easier payments  

When your e-commerce platform has access to credit limits and pending invoices in Microsoft Dynamics, you can better manage your accounts. For example, you can let your customers pay online instead of the traditional offline channel. 

6. Automate cross-platform workflows

When Magento Commerce and Microsoft Dynamics work together, you can accelerate fulfillment, inventory replenishment, and other functions while adding efficiency. You will once again work faster and also have the option to easier work with more workflows. 

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Youwe developed a connector for your ERP system and your Magento Commerce platform. Want to know more about our connector? Download the brochure. 

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