3 Processes that will help your organization be more cost-saving

The goal of every company is to make money and contribute to a better economic world. But to make a profit, you also need to spend money. Your staff, office, products, warehouses, office supplies, facility supplies everything costs money. But how can you as a company save on your spendings and reduce your costs? The answer is that you need to work more efficient and look into digitalizing the processes of your organization. There are a couple of ways to do that.

First, it is important to look at your goals as a company. What is your vision? Where do you want to go? Are there new office locations you want to open? Do you need to digitalize your company? Make a business plan and stick to it. A company without a clear vision and goal is a company on the road of disaster. If your vision isn’t clear you will only think of last-minute solutions and those solutions cost more money. When you are writing your business plan, it is also important to think about your staff. Is everyone in the organization still needed? Or are there systems/automated processes that can do the same work, but faster and more efficient? The answer in this day and age is probably yes. There are lots of tools, systems, and solutions that can automate your processes and digitalize your company. Digitalizing your company is an investment at first, but this will, in the end, reduce the costs of the company and let you work more efficient. Some solutions are:

The new way of customer service

Do you have a customer service department? This can be expensive in personnel costs. Also, all the personnel in the department need a phone and computer or laptop, also those costs can be expensive. But there are a few ways of how you can reduce the costs. You can set up your customer service via social media, such as Twitter or Facebook. With this, you are always available, and phones are no longer used. Do you want to go a step further? Use a chatbot. These bots ensure that the visitor of your website can have a conversation 24/7 and does not have to wait until someone from the help desk answers his/her email. Not only are chatbots an effective way to automatically answer questions from visitors, but you can also use them to collect valuable information such as an e-mail address or telephone number, for later use in marketing or sales campaigns. When the chatbots are well trained, they can be of value to your website visitors and you will benefit greatly from this. For example, there is a practical example of a chatbot that recommends products. Up to 80% percent of the people who receive a recommendation clicked on to the relevant product. That is a huge number and a huge benefit for your organization. 

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Connect your ERP with your webshop

Almost every company in B2B or B2C has a webshop right now. This is the new way of doing business, but what many companies still don’t have is a connection between their ERP and their webshop. Is this also the case for you? Then you need to enter the data from your ERP in your webshop manually. This is a time-consuming process, has a high risk of errors and costs a lot of money because your staff is doing everything manually. To solve this problem there is an ERP Connector developed. The ERP Connector is a real-time connection between your ERP and your webshop. So, the data in your ERP is transferred in real-time to your webshop automatically. This means that price information, product information, and even special deals or discounts are transferred automatically without it costing you personnel costs. Also, the connector is way more efficient and also a lot quicker. The ERP Connector is available for SAP and AX (SAP ECC6.X/ SAP S4/ HANA/ Microsoft Dynamics AX 2009 & 2012/ Microsoft Dynamics 365). Read more about the connector here

Automate your processes

We live in a digital world. For every problem, there is a digital solution. This is for good reasons. The tools and solutions are developed with a purpose. That purpose is to make your work more efficient, quicker and to let your business grow. A tool that does that, for example, is Marketing Automation. With Marketing Automation, you automate your marketing and even a part of your sales processes. You can send automated emails, campaigns and contact data is automatically stored and can be used in your advantage. With Marketing Automation, you connect your actions and content to help the customer to make the right decision which is, to buy your product. You help the customer and bring him/her step-by-step to the checkout. Marketing Automation is only one example of a tool which can automate your process. Many other tools can help you reduce your costs and work more efficient and help your business grow by digitalization. These three processes are just the beginning, but with a chatbot, ERP Connector, and Marketing Automation tool, your business is definitely ready for the future and you will work a lot efficient and cost-saving.

Want to know more about the ERP Connector and if it is suitable for your organization?

Download the whitepaper about the connector here. 

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