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A future-proof Drupal platform suited for an international roll-out

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Youwe has created a new Drupal platform for Newland EMEA which is ready for any future endeavors.  

Newland is a global leader in scanning technology. In their quest for further international roll-out, they experienced the limitations of their current WordPress setup. Especially multi-language functionalities proved to be difficult and were one of the main instigators of contacting Youwe: leader in Drupal development. Manageability of the platform was key, as their current setup outgrew their business demands.

Newland EMEA is a B2B tech manufacturer with headquarters in the Netherlands. From there, they support local teams across the European, Middle Eastern, and African markets. Through a fast-growing network of distributors and resellers, they are at the forefront of trends like mobile payment, mobile ticketing, click-and-collect, and warehouse automation. Additionally, their extensive network of Newland distributors and resellers offer products and services locally in 60+ countries. As one of the fastest-growing AIDC manufacturers in the world, they are constantly building and expanding their network.   

Newland EMEA was in need of a more flexible system due to the rapid international growth.  

Their wish was to be able to manage all their website data from a single application, including product, third part translation access, and PDF generation, and this is where Youwe came in.  

Youwe has guided Newland EMEA into their quest for a future-proof platform that ticked all the boxes. 

Our solution

Drupal, the perfect solution

Youwe has guided Newland EMEA into their quest for a future-proof platform that ticked all the boxes. Through multiple workshops, business and technical requirements were defined and finetuned. The architectural setup took shape and off we went with development! In a fast period of time, we've been able to deliver a brand new Drupal 8 CMS. We've created an automatic PDF generator (supporting Arab), crafted integrations with HubSpot Marketing Automation tooling, and set up the right process for translations imports. Youwe was able to deliver this project efficiently by collaborating with a small, dedicated team of certified Drupal back-end and front-end developers.  

A platform suited for an international roll-out

The multilingual system was a challenge, especially while generating PDFs for multiple languages using different alphabets, for example, Russian and Arabic, for this particular case we had to build a dynamic "font-size" system that changed the text size depending on the number of characters because the PDF space was limited; We also had to build a dynamic calculation of the PDF pages due to the number of technical specifications available per product, so the generated tables would always fit at the PDF page.   

The results

Youwe managed the project in an Agile way together with the Product Owner of Newland EMEA. We started the project with workshops, creating the design, and building the wireframes of the site accordingly. The following technologies were used to make this project a success:    

  • Drupal 8 for reliable and fast content management;  
  • HubSpot for reliable form management;  
  • Google Tag Manager for analytic purposes;  
  • Integrated translation with agencies. We provided an option to export their content so the responsible party for translations can work at the content without even knowing of Drupal.

The website is Drupal 9 ready, given that the necessary module update will be performed.    

As this project is brand new, data is yet to find its way back to us. However, we've received rewarding feedback: manageability is a breeze and further international roll-out is no longer a hassle. With Drupal, Newland EMEA is ready for any future endeavors.