Empowering your business with composable e-commerce via a headless platform

In the digital jungle, you get overloaded with buzzwords. So, during this online event, we will dive into one of those buzzwords: headless. On the 22nd of April,  we will explain why headless platforms are so much more than just a trend. Together with Acquia, we will discuss the importance of headless platforms and we will show you how a headless platform leads the way to composable e-commerce. 


You probably heard of a headless platform already, but what is a headless platform exactly? More importantly what is the business value of having a headless platform? During this event, our experts will show you the ultimate business benefits of a headless platform. They will also dive into composable commerce, as a headless platform leads the way to composable e-commerce. According to Gartner composable commerce is the future in the e-commerce world. The research giant said the following: "By 2023, organizations that have adopted a Composable Commerce approach will outpace the competition by 80% in the speed of new feature implementation."

The main takeaways:

  • How to implement a headless platform

  • The ultimate business benefits of a headless platform  

  • How to empower your business with composable e-commerce

After this event, you will have concrete next steps to make the shift to a headless platform and make a start with composable e-commerce. Sign up by filling in the form.


Dave thomas

Dave Thomas

Senior Solutions Engineer at Acquia

Dave is a Solutions Engineer at Acquia with a background in enterprise application integration and development. His current role sees him focusing on business solutions and digital priorities, ensuring there's a strong alignment with technical solutions. 

rogier hosman

Rogier Hosman

Co founder & CMO Youwe

Rogier is always on top of the changes that are happening in the digital jungle. He has been the guide of many companies to help them with their digital transformation. 


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Online event

Empowering your business with composable e-commerce via a headless platform

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Online event

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