Borstkankervereniging Nederland

A new Drupal 8 platform with a powerful story

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Strategy, implementation, and design.


Youwe created a future-proof Drupal 8 platform for the Borstkankervereniging Nederland to make their website the best tool to succeed in their mission.

Borstkankervereniging Nederland is a Dutch organization for everyone with breast cancer and their loved ones. Female or male, young or older. They are here for everyone. To ensure that you have access to good healthcare. To answer your questions. To support you.

Borstkankervereniging Nederland has been a client of Youwe for over 10 years now. Last summer, there was a change in how the Borstkankervereniging wanted to present themselves, and of course, that also needed changes on their Drupal 7 websites. After trying several simple solutions the Drupal team stepped up and came up with a long-term solution. Instead of patching up the Drupal 7 site, the team came up with a plan for a new specifically fitted solution for the new way of working which would help the Borstkankervereniging Nederland out tremendously. 

Now the platform is really a tool the Borstkankervereniging Nederland can use to help their visitors personally and above all emotionally

Our solution

A future-proof Drupal 8 platform

When the plan was formulated it was already clear that within 1,5 years the site should be completely rebuilt in Drupal 8 to be safe for the future as Drupal 7 was end-of-life. Because the budget was limited we did two things. First, Youwe offered to do a research and a design phase without any charges and we also made sure we would build the new platform in an up-to-date Drupal 8 platform.

A look and feel to support their mission 

The Borstkankervereniging Nederland had the wish to create a less medical oriented website and more a website which is based on a community. So people can get together and share their stories. Because they now have a new website we are sure that future investments are long-term solutions and easy to implement. We used a Drupal 8 installation profile to keep within the budget that was limited. Now the organization can work in the way they want to and have a new look and feel for their website. 

Minimal Viable Product

Besides the new Drupal 8 platform, we helped with the re-design and held several workshops with the whole team of Borstkankervereniging Nederland to get the content plan and the important requirements clear. With that information, we build a Minimal Viable Product and made a plan to be able to keep some of the legacy systems/sites available via our server.

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The results

The result is a completely new Drupal 8 website that is future-proof and has all the elements which we need to be able to further develop the site over the next few years. This was done with a very limited budget and some extra goodwill help from Youwe. The website now has a modern interface and a very user-friendly way of working. Also, the redesign helped the Borstkankervereniging Nederland with their new approach to the website and make it more a storytelling platform than a website that is based on medical solutions. Now the platform is really a tool the Borstkankervereniging Nederland can use to help their visitors personally and above all emotionally. Because that's their biggest mission helping people and their loved ones get through a horrible disease.