Better user experience and a brand-new Drupal 8 platform

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  • Drupal 8
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Strategy, implementation, CMS, design


Drupal 8 platform with better user experience and digital design.

Beeckestijn Business School is the leading educational institute for online marketing, communication and customer-driven entrepreneurship in the Netherlands. They combine strategy, theory, and know-how in short, practical courses on different levels such as a post-master. 

Beeckestijn asked Youwe to create a website in which the right content is offered, so the user is triggered to invest in education and courses. The goal was also to show that Beeckestijn is a leading educational institution. To realize this, Youwe build a new Drupal platform and created a brand-new design that matches this goal and created a better user experience. 

The style of the Beeckestijn brand was very much oriented on print and needed to be taken to the digital world.

Our solution


Our Drupal team made some drastic changes to the Beeckestijn website. The website of Beeckestijn was built on an outdated CMS to change this our Drupal team build them a brand-new Drupal 8 platform that fits all requirements of the client. They did this by implementing the following tools and plugins on the Drupal 8 platform.

Drupal tools and plugins

  • Coachview (course administration software) sync this tool synchronizes courses and associated schedules with Coachview. This way the courses and schedules are always reflected on the website up to date.

  • Zendesk chat integration offers visitors live chat and messaging support.

  • Route contextual webforms make it possible to add child pages, that inherit the parent content/data, URL alias, and display specific webforms.

  • Various multilingual content types, these are out-of-the-box features that Drupal 8 offers, we have created various content types and made them all multilingual.


The style of the Beeckestijn brand was very much oriented on print and needed to be taken to the digital world. Our design team updated the design on three different levels. By doing this we were able to create a much more modern style ready for the future. The three design changes are: 

Fewer Colors, More Vibrant

The scattered use of colors is gone. We created a more consistent color palette and brought more vibrant colors to the photography, making the website more pleasing to the eye.

A Better Reading Experience

To make a more comfortable reading experience and to make the design more modern, we have made changes to the typography.

Use of Shapes

Beeckestijn made use of very distinct shapes. To create less of a layered feel, the shapes are now used in negative space like in the example shown here.

Beeckestijn tall
beeckestijn image

User Experience

With the new design not only the look and feel of the Beeckestijn website improved but also the User Experience is improved tremendously. During the redesign, Beeckestijn asked Youwe to improve their User Experience (UX). So, during the redesign optimizing the User Experience was an important part. UX improvements can give a big boost to the conversion rate of a website. It was therefore very important for Beeckestijn to give the user insight into a correct and appropriate training offering this quickly and easily. After which the user can make a well-informed choice at a detailed level for a study program and then be able to register for it immediately. To achieve this, we have reviewed and fully optimized the navigation, the study overview, the training detail page, and the registration form.

Beeckestijn marketing

Marketing Automation 

The Drupal team also created a SharpSpring integration. SharpSpring is a Marketing Automation tool. In Drupal, the client dictates how the webform should look like in terms of form fields and to which SharpSpring native forms should be connected.

In the end, all SharpSpring submissions are collected as leads and on which various marketing approaches can be utilized. With the help of the Drupal platform and this SharpSpring integration, Beeckestijn can now use this Marketing Automation tool in full effect. 

The results

The client was pleased, very pleased with these changes to the design and CMS. So much so that this new style will be included in all other channels of communication. While keeping in spirit with the Beeckestijn style, the website has a more modern feel.