Adobe, Magento, and Marketo: Into a new era

Last year, Adobe acquired both e-commerce platform Magento and B2B Marketing Automation tool Marketo. Despite plenty of information that has been released to date, we are still curious what the future of this newly built powerhouse will look like exactly. During Adobe’s EMEA Summit in London in May 2019, executives of all three company’s lifted the veil on roadmaps, integrations and future plans. Youwe was there to pick up the latest facts.

To begin with, both Magento and Marketo have been added to Adobe’s Experience Cloud as shown in below graphic. Marketo is part of the “Adobe Marketing Cloud” alongside with Adobe Campaign, Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Pages, whereas Magento forms a new extension to the cloud; the “Adobe Commerce Cloud”. 
All elements of the cloud are supported by the Artificial Intelligence and data analytics tool Sensei and the Adobe Experience Platform.
This Ecosystem has not only created a complete toolset for the entire digital value creation chain from design to marketing and to the actual transaction but also boasts a considerable combined scope (see picture below).

Youwe is a solution partner of Adobe, Magento, and Marketo and is excited to harness the power of these tools. In the following, we will give you a short update:

The future of Marketo as part of Adobe

At the summit, Adobe presented its roadmap for the next 2 years. The focus will be on orchestrated intelligent journeys, whereby the integration of Marketo & Adobe Experience Platform will deliver a genuinely integrated offering unique in the market. Changes are on the horizon for the following products: Account-Based Marketing, Content, Artificial Intelligence, Audiences, and Analytics.
Account-based Marketing
Often, there is no end-to-end solution for account-based marketing. Together with Adobe, Marketo will work to fill this void. Additional partnerships with Microsoft (matching leads to LinkedIn with CRM data) and Bombora (intent data) will add extra value to the marketing solution. Account-based marketing via LinkedIn is to be launched later this year.
Integration of all of Adobe’s creative tools into Marketo will facilitate content creation. Bringing the power of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe experience manager to Marketo is supposed to ‘make your content as the first-class citizen in Marketo’ and workflows easier. The integration with Adobe’s Experience Manager will bring an enterprise-ready asset-manager, breaking down content silo’s in organizations and help to create unified experiences.
Adobe Sensei will help analyze the performance of content and suggest & facilitate adaptations.

Artificial Intelligence
There is much data in the Marketo system, and it is often hard for companies to make sense of it. Embedding the power of A.I. and Adobe Sensei across Marketo will help companies to use their data better and improve their campaigns.
Targeting the right audiences- e.g. those most likely to convert on a campaign- can be a challenge. Marketo and Adobe will launch smart features including predictive filtering. This will help to send emails only to a list of leads the least suspective of unsubscribing. It will also enable marketers to use intelligent content tagging, content variations, revenue attributions across channels and build smarter, self-teaching customer journeys.
Marketo and Bizible data will be brought to the ADE platform with the purpose of building a real B2B data model: a new class of web analytics for b2b marketers. How good was the blog post/ whitepaper?  Which funnel stage spent more time with this content? Was it the right content for the right audience/ phase? Building a new B2B data model allows us to build new products for B2B marketers, 360-degree view of customer, most powerful part of combination Marketo/ Adobe: A huge data asset meets many channels and means of engagement.

Magento and Adobe: The Commerce Opportunity

At the Adobe Summit in London, Gary Spector, Magento’s VP Commerce Sales & Customer Success, Experience Business and Gloria Chen, SVP of Strategy & Growth for Adobe, the woman who was instrumental in bringing Magento and Adobe together, took the stage. The emphasized that the future of Magento as part of the Adobe family will span B2B and B2C commerce and will further strengthen Magento’s strong vision for experience-driven commerce

Data-driven, personal & seamless experiences
“Magento has brought many strengths to the Adobe family, and we are committed to nurturing and building on these strengths.,” Gloria said. “Magento brings a culture and a mission that fit Adobe like a glove. At the core, we are empowering people. Our mission is to help our customers change the world through digital experiences.”
Magento is an important part of Adobe’s ability to deliver an end-to-end experience. The commerce technology serves many customers of Adobe that have been asking for this functionalities for years. 
Jason Woosley, VP, commerce product & platform, Adobe added that insights and the use of customer data will also enhance the ability of businesses to create customer experiences. Data from customer interactions, behavior and preferences will help merchants of all sizes to engage their audiences.

Artificial Intelligence, Google Ads and Amazon stores
Jason also announced that Magento Commerce will now be integrated with the A.i. functionality Adobe Sensei to enable recommendations and personalized shopper journeys to power recommendations.
Furthermore, Magento merchants can now make use of a fully integrated, end-to-end Google advertising solution now generally available as a free extension in the Magento Marketplace. 
Another newly announced feature is Magento Commerce branded stores for Amazon sellers, a new offering available through Magento, part of Adobe Experience Cloud, that runs on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The solution is designed to give sellers a seamless way to grow their business and manage their online presence across and their own storefront. Native integration with merchant tools like Amazon Pay and Fulfillment by Amazon will provide the added convenience of secure payments and fast shipping services for shoppers.
A full list of Magento-related novelties announced at Adobe’s EMEA Summit in London can be found here.

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