Connect anything to anything, always having insight into and control over your connections. Alumio is the digital commerce and AI focused data integration platform.

Alumio is the platform that helps you connect, manage and integrate systems, platforms and tools. All while lightening the load on the other platforms, and always being able to see what is happening through an extensive dashboard. Create one central hub for data exchange to enable growth in all areas of business, and use Alumio to stay compliant with changing regulations and restrictions around data.

With the Alumio dashboard, it is possible to create custom integrations without complex code. Connect your systems through the API, set up the routes, and start exchanging data. Integrate custom solutions, existing platforms through both custom and standardized connectors. Adding or changing platforms? No problem - by connecting the platform in Alumio you can instantly hook it up to your existing platforms!

Looking to the future for smart solutions? Integrate Alumio with AI and machine learning solutions, paving the way for the next step in transforming your business.

Stay in control of your data with Alumio. 

Advantages of Alumio

  • Standard connectors available (e.g. Magento, Drupal, AFAS, Pimcore, Akeneo and much more)
  • Keep your data up to date, always and everywhere
  • Simplify data-exchange through one platform
  • Extensive insights in the dashboard
  • Create custom connectors for any system or platform you want to connect

Take control of your data with Alumio

With Alumio, the possibilities for data integration are endless. As an experienced partner of Alumio, Youwe can help you navigate and manage the opportunities of data integration.

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